Woohoo Pay Sectors

Food & Beverage

Ireland is home to 7,193 public houses,2,406 licensed restaurants,3,161 off-licences,983 licensed hotels(including similar venues with licensed bars),98 producers and 483 wholesalers in the drinks and hospitality sector.

Hair & Beauty

The value of an average card transaction (€28.25) is almost double the average cash transaction (€25.91) for beauticians, highlighting the fact that card transactions often lead to higher sales for merchants.


To be able to take card payments on your website is an easy way to get more customers and consequently more sales. Online commerce now represents a substantial proportion of all small and medium-sized business sales.

Automotive Industry

Are you the owner or manager of a Car Dealership searching for an easy-to-use and reliable payment processing system for customer transactions? In a busy sales environment like yours, do you find yourself frustrated by a complicated point of sale system that adds stress to your workday?

Hotel Industry

Cashflow management will continue to be critical for each hospitality business. While planning is difficult, as what restrictions are imposed and when is unknown, understanding what the real cash burn of a business is can help to plan and understand the impact that any disruption in trading can have on cashflow.


As of 2017, the retail market was worth €40 billion annually,with the supermarket sector reportedly comprising €9 billion of this figure.For the same period, €5 billion was spent by Irish consumers with online retailers – €3 billion of this going to non-Irish sites.

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