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Follow these procedures to cancel your subscription

This guide has been created to help merchants understand the cancellation policies surrounding merchant service providers. Each providers is different and it is important for merchants to understand where they stand and any costs that may be incurred when it comes to cancelling their merchant service agreement.



To do this, the merchant must contact Worldpay on their freephone telephone number 1800 242636 or by emailing Worldpay at


Cancellation your service

If you are considering cancelling your service, please contact Woohoo pay on 353-89461-2366 or email where you will be advised on all aspects of terminal return and other related subjects.



The merchant needs to give consideration to the term remaining on the agreement— the merchant is obliged to pay the remainder of this if they are seeking to cancel earlier than the obligatory end of term.

Clear your doubts

Frequently Asked Questions

Time to let you run your business without worrying about payments. Let us remove some pressure with easier payments acceptance. It’s as simple as choosing how to take payments, the equipment you’ll need, and a pricing plan that fits you.

Yes. All our card terminals support Card Not Present transactions.

Our freephone helpdesk is available 7 days a week and if your terminal is not working, we will send you a new one.

We do everything we can to help you to avoid charge-backs – find out more about how to do this here. However if a charge-back does occur, an administration fee of €15 applies. (This will be returned to you if the charge-back is unsuccessful.)

No. With Woohoo Pay, whether you choose our Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly options, there are no setup fees or hidden costs for taking payments. For PCI-DSS compliance certification you can optionally choose our simple Safer-payments PCI service, but you are free to supply certification details from another provider.

Unplug power, wait for ten seconds and then reconnect. Check all cables are firmly connected or battery pack is firmly in place. Check internet or phone line is working.

Woohoo Pay card terminals come in three types: portable, mobile, and countertop. The model you need will depend on what sort of business you run and how you prefer to take payments.


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