Food & Beverage

Ireland is home to 7,193 public houses,2,406 licensed restaurants,3,161 off-licences,983 licensed hotels(including similar venues with licensed bars),98 producers and 483 wholesalers in the drinks and hospitality sector.The sector generates a national wage bill of €2.9 billion,purchases €5.7 billion of materials and services inputs,and supports tourism expenditure of €6.4 billion in the sector.

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Card payments within the food & drink sector


Cash transactions are twice as expensive as card transactions for the hospitality sector

The value of an average card transaction (€28.25) almost three times more than the average cash purchase (€11.34) for the hospitality industry

Increasing the volume of card payments to 80% of accepted payments can play a crucial part in lowering admin costs, saving a business as much as €5,000 annually


Woohoo Pay delivers services to great businesses of all sizes, from sole traders through to major brands and principally distributes its capability through a network of partners within a variety of sectors.

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