Flexible Finance


Your repayments will flex as your sales do!

Get access to a more flexible funding solution; paid back only when your customers pay you.

There’s just one single cost that’s agreed upfront – no fixed monthly payments and no hidden fees or penalties. Ever.

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Incredible finance & features

The funds can be used for any of your business needs.


You can get a quote in just a few minutes, and a decision in less than 24 hours. So you can get back to focusing on growing your business, rather than filling out paperwork.


With just one pre-agreed, fixed cost you can plan ahead with confidence; knowing that the repayments will take care of themselves with no penalties or hidden charges. Ever.


Instead of fixed monthly payments you only pay us when your customers pay you. Your repayments are based on an agreed percentage of your future customer card transactions

The Process

1. Apply for the amount of funding your business requires – up to a maximum of 100% of your average monthly card takings is available

2. We will get back to you with a quick decision.

3. Repayments are taken from your daily takings at an agreed percentage split, paid back only when your customers pay you.

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